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Scribblenauts Remix 2.4

ScreenShot of Scribblenauts Remix 2.4 by Warner Bros. Entertainment ►►Gobble, gobble! Come celebrate Thanksgiving with a brand-new themed playground. App update also features screen compatibility for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5! ◄◄ We have a fix coming soon for those of you experiencing crash issues. In the meantime, enabling airplane mode will lessen these crashes. Please contact us at mobile if you require assistance. THINK IT! CREATE IT! SOLVE IT! The award-winning, best-selling video game is now available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Help Maxwell acquire the Starite by creating any object, bringing it to life and using it to solve each challenge. Let your imagination run wild in this groundbreaking puzzle game. Summon to life a ‘colossal, winged car’ or a ‘shy, frost-breathing, robotic hippopotamus&...
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Scribblenauts Remix 1.4

ScreenShot of Scribblenauts Remix 1.4 by Warner Bros. ►► Scribblenauts Remix now has over one million units sold! Celebrate with an all-new playground for Valentine’s Day.◄◄ THINK IT! CREATE IT! SOLVE IT! The award-winning, best-selling video game is now available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! Help Maxwell acquire the Starite by creating any object, bringing it to life and using it to solve each challenge. Let your imagination run wild in this groundbreaking puzzle game. Summon to life a ‘colossal, winged car’ or a ‘shy, frost-breathing, robotic hippopotamus’! If you can think it, you can create it. It’s the perfect game for the casual player looking for fun and extensive replay with unlimited solutions and different outcomes. Or, the Scribblenauts fan wanting the complete Maxwell experience...
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SkySafari Pro 1.1.1

ScreenShot of SkySafari Pro 1.1.1 by Southern Stars NEW FOR ANDROID! 30% OFF LIST PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME! SKY & TELESCOPE HOT PRODUCT FOR 2012! Have Android 2.2+ on a 1+ GHz tablet or phone? We have a christmas present for you. As just reviewed in Sky & Telescope magazine, the iOS version of SkySafari is "revolutionary" and a "game-changer". Now here from Android, SkySafari Pro will completely replace your desktop astronomy software, and forever change the way you view the night sky! SkySafari Pro has the largest database of any astronomy app, period. It weighs in at half a gig, and contains over 15.3 million stars from the Hubble Guide Star catalog, plus 740,000 galaxies down to 18th magnitude, and over 550,000 solar system objects - including...
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ScreenShot of Soundtracker by South Ventures USA, LLC Soundtracker 2.6 is live! Performance improvements Background music Redesigned player 5M lyrics powered by 9 languages Concert information from your favorite artists powered by Artist Bios, Facebook, Twitter, My Space and Wikipedia pages Buy Song on Zune Live tiles Log in on Soundtracker with Facebook and Twitter and Find your friends. Play music in realtime with them and much much more!! Enjoy it! Soundtracker makes it easy to discover and play the music your friends and your neighbors are listening to. Use Soundtracker to create your own radio stations with access to largest music catalog on Internet radio with more than 11M songs and share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Email. Comment on your friends' stations, chat, check their latest music...
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OmniFocus for iPad 1.6

ScreenShot of OmniFocus for iPad 1.6 by The Omni Group OmniFocus for iPad combines the in-depth task management features of a desktop app with the advanced mobile experience of the iPad. With flexible viewing options, location-aware task lists, and on-the-fly task entry with voice notes and image attachments, OmniFocus for iPad is the trusted system you need for managing everything in your busy life. Use OmniFocus for iPad on its own, or sync through the cloud with your other devices running OmniFocus (also available for iPhone and Mac). FEATURES: - Capture ideas as they come to mind with just a few quick taps. - Organize tasks into projects and folders, with as much hierarchy as you need. - Break large tasks into manageable steps. - Track the details with task options like start and due dates, repeating schedules, audio notes, and photo attachments...
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Hospital Havoc 2 1.4.5

ScreenShot of Hospital Havoc 2 1.4.5 by Bitwise Design, Inc. Hospital hijinks and hilarity ensue in Hospital Havoc 2! Cure deadly diseases and mortifying maladies in the sequel to the original Hospital Havoc time management sim game. Play as a budding doctor and prove your healthcare prowess through careful prioritization and diagnostic skills. Can you handle your hospital, or will havoc reign supreme? Control freaks and chaos junkies alike will find something to love in Hospital Havoc 2! With 150 experience levels to conquer, 20+ side-splitting patient scenarios, 35+ patient profiles, and a plethora of new items and bonus features to earn and use in-game, gameplay is sure to please those looking to earnestly help their virtual patients, as well as those who just want to be entertained by comical health concerns! With addictive and fast-paced gameplay...
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Ring It Up Pro: Invoicing Point of Sale 4.2.6

ScreenShot of Ring It Up Pro: Invoicing Point of Sale 4.2.6 by PingySoft Ring up your sales, expenses & accept payment, right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Bookkeeping no longer has to be a chore. Ring it Up Pro is the portable point-of-sale app for the "Merchant on the go." Ring it Up makes the job of tracking your sales and expenses a snap. The simple yet intuitive user interface allows you to easily create a catalog of goods and services which are then added to a sales ticket or invoice with only a few taps on the screen. Collecting payment is just as simple whether you are accepting cash, checks or integrating Ring it Up with one of the 5 supported Credit Card processing apps (see below). Barcode scanning is here!!! RedLaser has joined forces with Ring it Up to bring to you the most comprehensive Point of Sale application available for...
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Veggie Samurai HD 1.4

ScreenShot of Veggie Samurai HD 1.4 by QuantumSquid Interactive JOIN OVER 4 MILLION VEGGIE SAMURAI PLAYERS! It's time to give veggies what they have had coming for years!! Feel the power at your finger tips! Put your swordsman skills to the test as you use your fingers to slice and dice veggies of all shapes and sizes in Veggie Samurai. ******** NOTICE ******** Please update your iPad iOS via iTunes to the current iOS 4 prior to installing the latest version (1.4) of Veggie Samurai HD. Unfortunately Apple's development guidelines do not support or intend the use of backward iOS compatibility, as they do not support iOS downgrading for development and/or testing. *************************** Veggie Samurai is an addictive, pickup-and-play action game that puts you in the heart of all-out veggie carnage. ****** 7 DISTINCT GAME MODES ****** --- ...
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Tap Tip Block'em 1.00.02

ScreenShot of Tap Tip Block'em	 1.00.02 by CAPCOM Co., Ltd The Funtastic-Horror Survival-Defense game made by the young bloods of Capcom! ●TAP TIP BLOCK'EM! Every night, unearthly visitors invade your home! Use your fingertips to make barricades and keep them out 'till morning! If they get in, you're in big trouble! ●DIVERSE DEFENSE ACTION! Swipe to look around and put up chains, tap to hammer nails! Really simple controls means making various barricades and keeping out the monsters is fun for anyone! Rub, Spin and Tap your way through Aliens, Zombies, and even Santa! ●4 COMPLETE MODES! SO HAPPY IT'S MORNING! Play 19 levels across 3 different Worlds. Feel the fun and relief as you just scrape through another night to victory! Plus just when you thought you were done, there's a devilishly challenging HARD mode waiting to be beaten by the toughest...
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Drums! HD 2.0.1

ScreenShot of Drums! HD 2.0.1 by Ben O'Dwyer Drums! can be regarded as the most realistic and intuitive Drum App available in the iStore right now. ******************************* Important note: If you are experiencing a delay between hitting a drum and hearing the sound please either close some of the apps running in the background or simply re-boot your device. ******************************* Drums! is a universal application that runs on all iOS devices (iOS 3.0 or higher) including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And if you are lucky enough to own an iPhone and an iPad then Drums! will run on both devices with no extra cost charged for an iPad version. This Drum App is packed with a wide-range of features that make the most of Apple’s latest devices, including support for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display and iOS 4. In ...
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